TIGER EATS CARROT is a family run, street food business. We are based in Brighton, UK. Having worked in the catering business for many years, I decided to make the leap and with my  wife Kate Brigden, we decided to launch Tiger Eats Carrot in 2018.  

With TIGER EATS CARROT, we bring you VEGETARIAN & VEGAN Street Food, that will tempt even the most dedicated meat eater! We've all heard the headlines, we should be eating less meat but we don't think this  should mean less delicious, our food is flavoursome, nutritious but most importantly memorable !


'TIGER EATS CARROT is fun, experimental, and joyful and we wanted to reflect this in our branding. Someone suggested our trailer looked a looked a bit like a circus truck, so we like to think of ourselves as a travelling food circus and by being  mobile we can spread our joyful food to more people!

You will find us at music festivals, carnivals, sports events or on a local street corner near you.

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Jacob Richardson